Carp Physio Sports Lab


Sports Recovery Systems is designed to improve lactic acid uptake, enhance cellular motility, and optimize muscle recovery and joint arthrokinematics. Professional and Collegiate athletes have come to depend on this recovery system for high level performance, and now it is available for our local athletes. Program consists of a 30 minute treatment with the following interventions:

  • Normatec pulsed therapy for upper or lower extremity

  • Manual therapy intervention by licensed professional

  • Therapeutic modality

  • Professional guidance for injury maintenance 

Cost: $35/session, $30/per session for a package of 5 ($150) or $25/session for a package of 10 ($250).


Indispensable information for the running athlete or anyone who is having pain with running. 60-minute consultation with video analysis to evaluate your running dynamic to identify tightness, weakness, and flaws during your running cycle that can be corrected with the proper advice and training. Addressing these issues appropriately will improve your endurance, explosiveness, speed, and athletic performance.

  • Dynamic video analysis
  • Evaluation of leg stability and performance
  • Flexibility training 
  • Achieve synergistic balance of the muscles used in running 
  • Running Performance Analysis (1 Hour)
    • Evaluation: $225
  • TWISM Member Discount Running Analysis
    • Evaluation: $112.50 (50% off)

Sports Performance

Sports Performance at Carp Physio utilizes our professional staff and equipment to design and build you into a better athlete. The program focuses on core stability, flexibility and -glycolytic burn training techniques to make you more explosive and competitive. Neuro-dynamic activities will help you enhance performance and reduce risk of injury. We can show you how to train like a professional.

  • Transform into a better athlete
  • 60-minute private or semi-private training session
  • Emphasis on fast twitch muscle explosiveness
  • Increase speed, vertical leap and universal athleticism
  • Perfect for in-season or off-season athlete
  • Sports Performance & Fitness (1 Hour)
    • $150 for a single session
    • Package Deals:
      • 5 Pack: $130/session
      • 10 Pack: $110/session
      • 20 Pack: $90/session
    • TWISM Member Discount Performance & Fitness (15% OFF)
      • $127.50 for a single session
      • Package Deals:
        • 5 Pack: $110.50/session
        • 10 Pack: $93.50/session
        • 20 Pack: $76.50/session